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Monthly Archives: July 2023


Small Digital Control Automatic Waterproof Conveyor Belt For Production

This conveyor belt is designed for connecting with semi-auto filling machine, realizing upgrade from semi-automation to automation. Help to improve working efficiency and save labor cost. Product Name: Small Conveyor Belt Conveyor Product parameter introduction: Working time: the working time of the sensor after sensing


18 W Conveyor Belt

18 W Conveyor Belt. 115′ Calculated Not Measured— New Surplus–Not In Box–9/22/WW. We will need to know if you have a fork lift or dock. Powered by SixBit’s eCommerce Solution.


Automatic infrared induction counter conveyor belt laser counting device

Automatic infrared induction counter conveyor belt laser counting device. Counting range: 0-99999 (five digits). Single Infrared probe: 10-70cm. Double Infrared probe: 0-5m. Single Laser probe: 0-50cm. Double Laser probe: 0-20m. Working temperature: 0- 50? Insulation resistance: = 300mO. With power cut memory function. Unused/unopened merchandise